Alice's Cherries

10:09 Cotton Candy Gray 1 Comments

So, yesterday after saving money for some weeks I decided to invite my fiance and my friend to a wonderful place. its name; Alice's Cherries, its a patisserie inspired on Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carol Book. Well, you do not feel inside wonderland but in Alice's real word, a glamorous place to have some tea and delicious biscuits. There are al least 24 kinds of teas that mesmerized my senses. There was a sand clock to make the perfect tea and all!

Personally I have been looking for a place selling macaroons, one of my favorite french biscuits, and i found this place filled with magic. And when I was there I told the owners that place was a dream come true. So i decided to celebrate my birthday there (May 6th lol) And on Saturday I'm planning to go there with a few lolita friends.

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