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Today I went back to Alice's Cherries... I'm not in a good mood.

1st I failed at my apple diet so the dress I bought didn't fit.
2nd I was already tired
3rd Today there was a lot of people, I do not enjoy crowds, I know I'm a killjoy.
4rd People touched my camera.
5th I have a huuuuuuuuge headache.
6th Nobody took pictures of me.


I took a lot of pictures for a magazine that doesn't pay what they're supposed to, well they don't pay me at all! I took all those pictures and I was so tired and people didn't help at all.
I want to leave Lolita Fashion, I like it, i enjoy it, but I do not like people and that makes me sad, there are nice girls, but i just don't feel I'm part of anything...

Right know I'm kind of blue but later I will show you some pictures of today.