Vivienne Westwood

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"The most amazing thing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products, with very high quality, for affordable prices"
 This is Vivienne Westwood one of my favourite designers as you know. I'm happy about this alliance between Vivienne and Melissa because now its easier to get some of her designs. My latest acquisition are these babes:

The sweet thing about this shoes is that one of my friends gave 'em to me as a present. It was completely unexpected and I was speechless when she said: "Okay, we want to buy 'em... Happy b-day, Merry x-mas, etc....." It felt good, I felt happy and I still am, not because only I LOOOOOVED these shoes since I saw 'em, because someone gave me something thinking in my happiness and didn't expect anything in exchange, because she really wanted me to feel happy about it.

You can check out some runway pics from the fabulous shoes collection during her Red Collection Spring 2010 show at London Fashion Week.: