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Classic Lolita

Why do I love Lolita? (What's lolita here)

I love Lolita Fashion because after years feeling like I was an Anachronic Doll (One of my nicknames), lost in a world with no manners and no interest in history and elegant fashion, I found it. There were those beautiful girls having tea in their fancy beautiful dresses. I was staring and I was deeply happy. i just observed for some years then I got one Mary Magdalene St. Claire One-Piece dress but when I moved to Colombia I lost it.
Punk Lolita
Punk Lolita @Harajuku

I didn't notice there was a Lolita community in Colombia until 2009, I was really shy and I didn't have any dresses so I just attended the meetings well-dressed, but I missed Lolita. I had a lot of color in my hair (because I love dying my hair) And there was a lot of people saying Lolita wouldn't fit me because of my messy hair. So I decided to go back to Lolita and make a good wardrobe... I discovered or found out about a legend in Colombia, she was the first Lolita there, she is really PRO and amazing (Zui). She also had a professional brand of Lolita Clothes all around Latinoamerica. So I asked her to make me some clothes.

Punk Lolita avec Gloomy Bear @Harajuku

Akari, Ness, Me @S.O.F.A.

Then I joined 'Dolce Carnival' The one and only Lolita community in Colombia, we made some Lolidays, we had a web with tips, our pics and everything, I was pretty happy with it, I continued buying Zui's clothes because she could really make wonderful Lolita clothes with personality.

Then Dolce Carnival closed and we had to create another site and community so we created 'Porcelain Caroucel' We have planned Lolidays, runways and some events to help girls who want to became Lolitas without failing n the attempt. (I know it sounds wrooong but its true).

Classic Lolita @SOFA's Runway

I do not have pics of all my cords, I wish I did though... But I'm going to post some pics.

Classic Lolita for my cousin's sweet 16

Steampunk Twin Lolita  
I am the 3rd :)

Pic By: Ness Link

And my last pic...