Fight Like a Girl

19:27 Cotton Candy Gray 1 Comments

Hello sweet teapots! Its been a while... I really wanted to write something before but sometimes inspiration wont arrive.

Today I want to write about the Emilie Autumn's new album. She's one of my favorite artists and it's been 6 years since she released her last disco-graphic work 'Opheliac' and today at 12:00am Fight Like a Girl was worn on the internet.

You can gather some of her information entering THIS wonderful website. I would like to say that this woman inspires me a lot and have helped me through any sort of things I had to live. She's a hardcore violin player and as a former violin player myself, I deeply admire her for her energy and passion at stage. Her skills are mesmerizing.

This album is a piece of art, a musical representation of her book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. (Maybe later I will write and entry about that) You will have to hear it and live it on stage to feel "Fight Like a Girl's" energy. Here's a preview of the album THE ASYLUM EMPORIUM You can purchase it there and inmediately will recieve a download link, then the physical copy.

If you like Emilie Autumn and you live in Colombia please join Colombian Plague Rats, actually on 2009 we worked a lot to see her here on Bogotá, and the gig was awesome!