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For those that care about my chocolate business!
 I sold a lot of chocolates, to some of my professors and some others to my college partners. I wish I could sell my muffins but people here is really cheap, they want everything as a gift.

Yesterday I bought 2 Moleskine notebooks, I'm really happy because I like the quality of the paper and everything, but of course most of you would call me a hipster for buying such an expensive note book. Anyway it's good for my daily notes, for my grade project and getting out everything I have on my insides. To do that I'm using my dad's fountain pen with his Parker ink.

Today I'm going to a party. I'm not really a party girl, but I'm the photographer from Raven's Night (the party) I hope everything goes well. I'm making some interviews. RatHaus (my company) is one of the medias that cover the party so I'll have to stay until the end, any other of my RatHaus partners could make it u_u, still I'm going with le boyfriend.

One of the promos I made for Raven's Night