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I'm a lazy arse and I haven't updated anything about this blog, the thing is... I DON'T KNOW IF SOMEONE'S READING ME! lol

Right now I'm fixing my nail polish because tomorrow I have this great final of my make up class. I'm going to use one of Vivienne Westwood runways as a referent, I wanted to do something more edgy but as I'm just starting to learn how to use makeup, my professor told us to pick a simple look. This is the outfit I'm going to wear, i need to look alike this girl, so in my test I will have 45 minutes to arrange my hair and face with this look.

As I do not own any of Vivienne's clothes (well just two pair of shoes) I will have to imitate the clothes, so I'm using a fake leather long black jacket with one of my dad's pins of the Army, A similar skirt with the same shape (I think I bought it on ZARA) And any t-shirt with a goofy print on it. I'm missing the scarf and I do not have a looking alike one. And I don't know what to do about the heels, because last friday I fell and my sprained ankle hurts a lot.

Okay, and last but not least... I want to show you some things I've got in a Vintage Store I love. The name of the store is Mamá Nostalgia