Waist Training

20:01 Cotton Candy Gray 3 Comments

Tightlacing (also called corset training and waist training) is the practice of wearing a tightly-laced corset to achieve extreme modifications to the figure and posture and experience the sensations of a very tight corset. Those who practice tightlacing are called tightlacers. Some tightlacers call the corsets they wear training corsets.

So I have decided to start doing this. I started a few days ago but I wasn't in the mood to blog about it. I'm doing it because I find really beautiful the way the body looks with the modifications of a proper corset lacing. I think women's body has changed a lot and not in a positive way, it is because of modern clothes like low-waist or ultra low-waist pants... I don't find elegant AT ALL those kind of clothes or deformed body by them.

We've got to be ladies!

So far, my process has been wonderful, the only thing I do not fancy is the fact that my boobs look enormous! x'D I'm using an underbust style cut higher on the hips, primarily focusing on the waist is recommended for the waist training process. Overbust styles are not suitable and are not recommended for use in this process.

I don't find the corset annoying at all because I have always loved the aesthetic of it!