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Well, hello!

I'm updating this but I must confess I'm not in a good mood. I'm not doing good at College because my lack of motivation towards life or whatever... I mean, I enjoy Photography, it makes me happy but sometimes I get to think I'm not as good as I should. I want to be successful, you know? I want people to know me, to respect what I do... But sometimes I doubt I deserve it.

Today I was supposed to have a final on College but I was late and I had lots of problems so I couldn't make it. Then I came home and rest a bit. Then I started making some product photos. Yesterday I bought some cupcakes, chocolates and macaroons at lovely Alice's Cherries, and so far the result is this:

I have to other photos to release, I will update this entry later...Maybe. I also asked my fiance to cook a fancy pasta for me, so I could photograph it, the result was good I think, I will be posting some pictures about that later. For now I will show you a draft:

For now I'm leaving, gotta have my beauty sleep, lol.